Packages / Pricing

Wedding/ Corporate Package: 

3x 45 minute sets of live dance music performed by XPRIME (song list available upon request) 
Full PA and stage/dancefloor lighting provided. (See page 2 for Production specs) 
Set up and equipment checks completed before guests arrive. 
Pre-recorded playlists or Aux inputs provided for music during dinner service/between sets. 
Professional sound mixing 
Band on location from set-up to tear down (to be done before guests arrive & after guests leave) 


Please contact Michael Greggs (manager) at with the Date, Location and Nature of the event for pricing.
Or call: (905) 257-4395 

Tech Specs


2- Yorkville ps12p (mains) 
2- Yorkville ps15s (subwoofer) 
3- Alto sxm112a (monitors) 
2- Mackie hd1221 (contour) 

2- Shure beta58 (vocal) 
1- Shure beta57 (vocal) 
4- Sennheiser e604 (drum) 
1- Sennheiser e602 (drum) 
1- Shure md421 (guitar) 
1- Shure beta58 (wireless vocal – for speeches/mc) 

*We provide all the cables/stands required for full set up* 
*More Speakers/PA equipment available upon request* 


3- RGB LED Pars  
3- RGBW LED Pars  
4- RGB LED Bar (wash)  
1- Microh Monsoon FX LED/Strobe/Laser (dancefloor effect light)  

*Additional lighting available upon request - we have a special agreement with a lighting production company that can tailor a light show or a room's lighting ambiance to your most specific needs.

If  using an in house AV company or third party production company, please use this Stageplot and input list for our set-up requirements: